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British Waterways Annual Report 2009/2010


The following press release was issued by BW this week and contains links to the Full 2009/2010 Accounts. We suspect that readers will look at Directors remuneration on page 46 as a first stop but the whole report is worth reading

Drought affects Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal

BW have announced that it will be necessary to introduce a series of measures to manage the water on the Mon and Brec canal from Monday 28th June.

Reduced operating hours to Plank Lane Lift Bridge

British Waterways have announced a reduction in the operating hours at Plank Lane Lift Bridge on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal

BW announce canalphone for emergency stoppages

Throughout summer 2010 in addition to posting details of emergency stoppages on, BW will provide the information on Canalphone (01923 201402).

User Group Meetings - Lincoln & Leeds


East Midlands (Northern) User Group Meeting – March 16 at Lincoln and
North East Waterway User Group  Meeting at Leeds – March 17
This week I have been to two user group meetings on consecutive days and it was interesting to compare styles and differences and also to note how the same messages are being delivered by BW.