Monday, June 25, 2018

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BORING . . . but important

A Jmessage from the Membership Team

First, a sincere thank you to all of you for continuing to support NABO, through your subscriptions and donations. Without you we would not be in a position to lobby for changes on your behalf or represent your interests as boat owners.

But as always we have one or two issues ...

Banking botheration

We have two bank accounts receiving subscriptions, Barclays (sort code 20-37-13) and Santander (Sort Code 09 01 51). The Santander account is the original, so if you are a long-standing member, then it is most likely that you are paying to Santander. For various reasons we must close the Santander account before the end of this financial year. So if your standing order currently pays to Santander, you’ll receive a letter before your next renewal date. This will ask you to cancel and set up a new one to Barclays, using a ‘foolproof’ form to us to send to your bank. This has nothing to do with which bank you are using; this is about the NABO receiving account.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could deal with this promptly and tell us that you have done so. If you are familiar with online banking, you can make the change yourself. In this case you will need the Barclays bank account number which we will provide on request. Please ask if you are unsure. When you make the changes it is very important that the old standing order is cancelled, otherwise we will be paid twice.

Membership subscriptions

Most members pay by standing order, which is our preferred method because it involves the minimum administration effort, provided the amount is correct and the membership number is quoted. Cheques continue to be acceptable of course, but you can also pay electronically by bank transfer (details will be in your renewal letter), again mentioning your membership number. You can use Paypal (but please be aware that NABO has to pay a 4.2% charge on each payment). Most of our new members pay this way, because it can be done on line there and then when they join.

We’ve been asked several times about direct debits. We do not have a direct debit system. We are just not large enough to do this, and the costs for another party to handle this for us are not viable. Larger organisations may be able to offer more options ... but we’re not a large organisation. Please do not confuse bank standing orders, which are in your control, and direct debits where the receiver can adjust payments. We have no control of your standing orders, and it is for the member to change the details including cancellation when membership ends.

And finally ...

If you receive a letter or an email from us, please don’t take offence, take action! If you think we have got it wrong, tell us! Yes, we make mistakes too.

And please let us know if your contact details change, you have a new email address, or (heaven forbid!) if you wish to resign. This will not only save the membership team time and effort, it will also ensure that you continue to receive the vital information and support you deserve.