Friday, June 22, 2018

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Thinking of renting a boat?

Across social media and the waterways press there are regular articles and requests from those looking to 'rent' a boat to live on or use as overnight accommodation. In urban areas living on a boat is often not a lifestyle choice about going boating, but a desire for cheap accommodation in a defined area. There are real personal and legal risks in this and these are described by this quote form a boater:

“Renting a boat which doesn't comply (with the rules) is the same as someone driving a car without Tax, MOT, and Insurance. If a non-compliant rented boat explodes, catches fire etc. it is unlikely to be covered by the owners insurance which will have been declared null and void. Any third party damage or injury will also not be covered.”

In the event of disaster there is not likely to be any comeback on the boat owner, who may well have broken the rules. We should be clear that we are not talking about normally accepted hire boat companies.

Can you help NABO?

Can you help NABO?

Here at NABO News, I would welcome some more help from members: do you have skills as a cartoonist or a crossword compiler? Would you be able to spend a couple of hours, six times a year, to summarise what was happening ten years ago from old copies of NABO News, for a rejuvenated ‘Rewind’ column? I would also welcome more cover photos, especially autumn and winter on the waterways. NABO Council has a few vacancies that it would also like to fill: we need a Minute’s Secretary and reps for Anglian Waters and the River Severn ‒ can you help?

‘Peer-to-peer’ boat rentals

‘Peer-to-peer’ boat rentals

Mark Tizard examines some of the implications of CRT’s proposed new licence category currently under review.

In recent years, it has become increasingly common to read of boats available to rent in Central London and on the Kennet and Avon Canal, and the practice is spreading to other areas. Yet, to obtain a licence to rent a boat out to others, you currently need a hire-boat licence and a hire-boat level boat safety certificate. It is also a stipulation that the boat must have a home mooring.

Middle Level Navigation Reform

The Middle level Commssioner have issued this statement

Following our consultation on proposals to amend the Commissioners’ Navigation legislation in the first half of this year, consideration of the responses and subsequent discussions with Parliamentary Counsel, the Commissioners have now presented a private Bill to Parliament seeking the necessary legislative amendments.