Saturday, December 16, 2017

Canal & River Trust

NABO Council members meet with CRT CEO Richard Parry

On 15 November NABO Chairman David Fletcher and Council Members Mike Rodd and Mark Tizard met with Richard Parry, the Canal and River Trust’s CEO, at their Milton Keynes offices. The meeting was a good opportunity for us to give Richard an overview of NABO and its recent history of engagement with BW/CRT, and he attended the AGM in Wolverhampton on the following day.

CRT publish first report on Towpath Mooring Management

Last week CRT published its first public report on the Towpath Mooring Management project, which aims to support better and fairer use of towpath moorings.

You can read it here.

With NABO's AGM this coming weekend, we will hold over any comments until the new Council is in place and have time to consider. NABO has made submissions to both K and A, and SE mooring plans, and no doubt there will be more to come, covering the practicalities and legality of the policies. Look out for the next NABO News.

No doubt the issues will come up at the AGM on Saturday in Wolverhampton. Please come along and contribute to the discussions. Details are available on the web site.

CRT annouce details for Winter Moorings

CRT have annouced details for Winter Mooring permits for 2013-14. They are trialling new options following suggestions from boaters.

The Trust have said that they are offering a limited number of winter moorings at selected visitor mooring sites.  In addition, there are two further options for continuous cruisers.  The Trust is offering a cheaper general towpath mooring permit, which will allow boaters the flexibility of mooring anywhere on the towpath for a month or more, with the exception of visitor moorings and a few other local sites.  Additionally, in London, four central mooring sites have been developed which the Trust hopes will work better for boaters in the region.

Boaters should read CRT legal documents on JR


CRT have made public it's response to boater Nick Brown's claim for judicial review on legal issues for the
Guidance for Boaters Without a Home Mooring

The full ‘Grounds of Resistance’ of the Trust and its accompanying evidence are available on the Trust’s website:

Boaters are encouraged to read it.

NABO cannot comment until after the Court ruling has been made.


NABO meets CRT

Mark Tizard reports on a meeting that was held at CRT’s Offices on 10th September between Sally Ash (Head of Boating), Denise Yelland (Head of Enforcement), Damian Kemp (Communications Manager) and NABO Council representatives, Mark Tizard and Mike Rodd.